Research Travel Grants

Deadline: March 15, 2024


Research travel grants from the Humanities Research Center foster excellence in research and creative scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University by providing funds to support direct research costs incurred by faculty. These costs include travel to archives and other research sites, lodging, meals and expenses related to collection of data such as photocopying and photography fees. (These awards are not to be used for conference travel, for the purchase of books or equipment, or for travel to use archival material that is available on the internet.)

Full-time tenured, tenure-eligible, and term faculty in the humanities and humanistic social sciences at VCU are eligible to apply for these research travel grants. Funding is prioritized for applicants who demonstrate previous and/or ongoing contributions to the intellectual life of the HRC. The proposals will be evaluated by the HRC grants sub-committee and director based on the project's merit, feasibility of research plan, and impact.


To apply for funding, please provide:

  1. a current CV
  2. 1-2 paragraphs about the research undertaken, relevance to the applicant's current research and career trajectory, availability of other funds (such as start-up funds or other grants), and impact on the applicant's career if not funded
  3. a budget which will highlight the requested amount
  4. a short paragraph describing your contributions to the intellectual life of the HRC in the last two years (panels, grant teams, research groups, webinars, Research Fridays, Meet VCU's Authors presentations, mentoring, community engagement work, etc.)

Please submit your application (in one PDF document) to the HRC acting director Chris Cynn at The proposals will be reviewed by a committee of faculty members, the director, and the associate director.

Frederick Gokliz ink and watercolor drawings of Apache Indians

Frederick Gokliz ink and watercolor drawings of Apache Indians, circa 1894-1899 (Credit: Newberry Library)

Past Recipients