About Us

Humanistic Scholarship Beyond Boundaries

The Humanities Research Center provides a forum for intellectual exchange across and beyond the humanities at VCU, traversing conventional disciplinary boundaries and encouraging collaboration throughout the College of Humanities and Sciences as well as across the university as a whole and the local community. The center is committed to building relationships and partnerships with colleagues at VCU and with other institutions in Richmond and the broader region.

The center’s mission is interdisciplinary and inclusive, bringing together multiple disciplines and departments; collaborative, fostering engagement among faculty, students and the community; global, in its engagement of research topics that span the world and through collaboration with colleagues and institutions around the globe; and public, in its dissemination of research through talks, colloquia and strategic outreach activities.

The center supports faculty research and helps to advance faculty careers through the organization of research and mentoring groups, faculty development workshops, research grants and residential fellowships. It seeks to increase the visibility of scholarly work in the humanities at VCU and more generally to raise awareness of the humanities and all that this area of intellectual inquiry has to offer. The center welcomes all members of the community to its events.

The Humanities Research Center, located in Valentine House, provides space and opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. We offer programs for faculty, students and the general public. To become an affiliate of the Center and receive emails about our upcoming events, contact hrc@vcu.edu.

valentine house
Valentine House
920 W. Franklin St.