The Quest Innovation Fund supports innovative pilot initiatives at VCU that help advance the Quest for Distinction. Faculty, staff, students, and community partners with co-sponsors from within the university are eligible to apply. Requests of $50,000 or less will be given priority.

The Presidential Research Quest Fund supports new, emerging, or continuing research by all VCU faculty. Where possible, the proposed work should help advance interdisciplinary research and inter-campus collaboration. The maximum total award is $50,000; the PI’s department or college provide at least 40% of the total award amount.

Quest Global Impact Awards fund proposals from academic units to develop new and innovative programming in support of the Quest for Distinction’s internationalization goals. There are four award categories: Collaborative Degree Awards; Departmental Study Abroad; Global Visiting Scholar Awards; Virtual Global Classroom Awards; and Faculty Development Seminars.

Community Engagement Grants support projects that will enhance and increase university engagement with the Richmond community. Projects must include two or more VCU or VCUHS units and a substantive collaboration with a community partner. Grants are up to $20,000.

Harris-Manchester College Oxford Summer Research Institute  Each Year the Global Education Office, in collaboration with the VCU Office of Research, solicits applications from VCU faculty for participation in the Harris-Manchester Oxford Summer Research Institute. This is an opportunity for faculty to spend a week away from the usual routine to focus on a scholarly area of interest. The Institute provides travel and room/board.

Humanities Research Center Grants foster excellence in research and creative scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University by providing funds to support direct research costs incurred by faculty. These costs will include travel to archives and other research sites, lodging, meals, and expenses related to collection of data such as photocopying and photography fees. The maximum grant amount is $1000.

The Humanities Research Center’s Residential Fellowship Program gives four faculty members who are working on related issues or topics release from all teaching responsibilities in the Spring Semester so that they can focus on their individual research projects and at the same time engage regularly with each other. The goal is to foster intellectual exchange and to enhance the quality of research at VCU by exposing faculty to different perspectives and methodologies. Applicants need not be working collaboratively, but they must be open to thinking about their own projects in new ways and to asking new questions of their material as a result of engaging with colleagues who are considering similar issues in different contexts and/or using different methodologies. Fellows will meet as a group once a week to discuss their own work-in-progress and readings of common interest.

Service Learning Funding Opportunities provide project awards (up to $1,000) to support efforts that will enhance and increase service-learning pedagogy. The Faculty Fellows Program supports those with experience in teaching service-learning classes to improve, document, and disseminate their mastery of service-learning to others.