Environmental Humanities Lab

The HRC’s Environmental Humanities Lab is a convening ground centering humanistic inquiry in a broader field of transdisciplinary environmental scholarship. We understand Environmental Humanities as an interdisciplinary mode of inquiry that seeks to understand, interpret, and diagnose how social and cultural relationships with the natural world are mediated by texts, media, art, history, and embodied experience. The projects the lab will focus on in 2022-23 center questions of environmental “modes of study.” From Black- and Indigenous-led community agricultural projects to re-evaluations of universities’ many roles in perpetuating the climate crisis, we will explore both practical and speculative infrastructural transformations that can lay the foundations for meaningful social and ecological transformations.

Environmental Humanities Lab

Meet the Team

Jesse Goldstein

Jesse Goldstein, Ph.D.

Lab Director

Jesse Goldstein is an associate professor of Sociology, and author of Planetary Improvement: Cleantech Entrepreneurship and the Contradictions of Green Capitalism. His work explores the cultural political economy of rich world environmentalism, from biomimicry and other techno-fixes to the logics of settler futurity and green Keynesianism.




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