Matteo Pangello

Meet VCU’s Authors: Matteo Pangallo

Wednesday April 18, 2018

Playwriting Playgoers in Shakespeare’s Theater

Matteo Pangallo, Assistant Professor of English

Among the dramatists who wrote for the professional playhouses of early modern London was a small group of writers who were neither members of the commercial theater industry writing to make a living nor aristocratic amateurs dipping their toes in theatrical waters for social or political prestige. Instead, they were largely working- and middle-class amateurs who had learned most of what they knew about drama from being members of the audience. Dr. Matteo Pangallo’s new book, Playwriting Playgoers in Shakespeare’s Theater (University of Pennsylvania press 2017) takes us into the world of this distinct group of authors, showing what these audience members wanted to see and how they thought actors might stage it, how they understood playhouse materials and practices; and how they crafted poetry for theatrical effects. More broadly, Dr. Pangallo reveals how the emergence of England’s first commercialized culture industry gave rise to the first generation of participatory consumers and explores their attempts to engage with mainstream culture by writing early modern “fan fiction.”

Wednesday April 18, 2018
7:00 pm
Multipurpose Room, Second Floor (room 250), Cabell Library